Tokyo - Customisable Features

See why our clean & flexible theme has more to offer than others 


General Settings

STICKY HEADER: Choose between standard or a sticky header.

650+ FONTS: Choose from over 500 google web fonts to truly customise your store.

UNLIMITED UNRESTRICTED COLOURS: Change all aspects of your store inc. buttons, hovers, text, borders, icons etc. with as many different colours.

COLUMNS: Choose to hide or display a left column on key areas.

VARIETY OF LAYOUTS: Completely customisable homepage. Adverts, banners, sliders or tabs or both, the choice is yours!

Footer Settings

BACKGROUND: Totally change the look of your footer with a background image or solid colour.

BORDERS: Choose to add a border in any colour to your footer.

SOCIAL ICONS: Pick your relevant social icons in any colour of your choice.

TWITTER: Choose to have your latest tweets shown in the footer, in any colours of your choice.

Mega Menu

CUSTOM TABS: Add links to any categories, products and CMS pages. 

CUSTOM CONTENT: Add anything you can think of. Make your site stand out from the rest by adding custom content, links and images.

UNLIMITED COLOURS: Change the colour of text, backgrounds, hovers & drop-downs totally independant of one another. 

Revolution Slider

SCREEN STYLES: Choose between fixed width and full screen.

FONT STYLING: Pre-defined sizes and backgrounds for your slider text.

BUTTONS: Add custom buttons, in any colour of your choice.

ANIMATIONS: Choose from a variety of animations with custom timings, to make your site stand out from the rest!

LAYERED ELEMENTS: Choose to add a variety of elements (text, images, buttons,labels) to each silde.

IMAGES: Choose to have a standard image or layered elements.

Category Pages

GRID/LIST VIEW: London comes with the option to display your items in either list or grid view with a preference.

LEFT COLUMN: Choose between displaying a left column or removing it from your page.

NEW & SALE: Eye catching labels, each can be a different colour, shape and position.   

PRODUCT HOVER EFFECT: Assign a different colour skin to your products on hover.   

Product Pages

PREVIOUS/NEXT PRODUCTS: Navigate through products with ease, choose to display these or remove.

BRAND/MAUFACTURER: Display your products brand/manufacturer logo in your product page or remove this feature.

UNLIMITED COLOURS: Change buttons and  tab border colours with an unlimited choice.

CUSTOM TABS: Add as many additional information tabs as you like, unique content for each product.



Bonus Features

2500+ ICONS: Comes packed with over 2500 icons, which you can use anywhere in your store.

SLIDE OUT BOX: Display text and images on your homepage in handy slide out boxes.

IOS ICON: Lets your customers add your own store icon to their homescreen.

MY ACCOUNTS PAGE: Completely customisable my accounts page, choose your own colour..

CONTACT PAGE: You can show your customers your exact location using Google Maps.

CUSTOM BLOCK: Add info, links and images with ease all from a CMS layout to the right of your contact page.

DROP DOWN CART: The background, border, buttons and font colours can all be individually changed to suit your store.

INTEGRATED STYLES & LAYOUTS: Use predefined styles & layouts to customise your site,  check them out